The German striker broke a fan’s arm in the opening match of Euro 2024

Kai Flathmann injured his hand after being hit by German striker Niclas Fullkrug.

A German fan will receive an apology and autographed shirt from Niclas Fullkrug after breaking his left arm due to the striker’s powerful shot.

Fan named Kai Flathmann paid 195 euros for a ticket to sit in the front row right behind the goal at Allianz Arena in the opening match of Euro 2024 between Germany and Scotland to have the best angle to watch this important match.

However, Kai Flathmann then had to watch the match on a small screen. He had to be hospitalized when he was hit by a strong shot from striker Niclas Fullkrug as the two teams warmed up. German newspaper Bild reported that Fullkrug would send this fan a jersey after texting to apologize.

German striker broke a fan's arm in the opening match of Euro 2024 483253

Kai Flathmann had his arm broken by a shot by Fullkrug

And the incident has not deterred the 43-year-old from Bremerhaven in northern Germany, as he says he will return and sit behind the goal in Stuttgart on June 19 to watch the team.

by Julian Nagelsmann took on Hungary in the second match in Group A. Previously, Germany won 5-1 against Scotland.

“I sang along to the national anthem while lying on the stretcher,” Flathmann told Bild. “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry! Unfortunately, I had to give up my dream of watching the opening of Euro 2024! But have you ever had your arm broken by Fullkrug?


Fullkrug contributed 1 goal in the victory over Scotland

On Wednesday we will continue in Stuttgart and I will be there again to support the team from behind the goal.” It was reported that Flathmann was warned by a friend that Fullkrug was about to shoot but reacted. Responding too late to get out of the way.

Although his left hand was broken, doctors said he would not need surgery, leaving him free to attend the match against Hungary with his hand heavily bandaged and his right arm in a sling.

“I don’t know what to say, it’s crazy,” Flathmann said on social media along with a photo of him in the hospital. “Bild is currently reporting on this unfortunate incident and the German Football Association has also contacted me!”

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