SMALL STADIUM EURO 2024: German team breaks camp, WAGs flock to headquarters to ‘refresh’ the players in the middle of the night.

SMALL STADIUM EURO 2024: German team breaks camp, WAGs flock to headquarters to ‘refresh’ players in the middle of the night

Not only coach Julian Nagelsmann, the German players were also “supported” by their wives or girlfriends after the opening match. The German WAGs “gathered” on the opening night of EURO 2024.

The German team just had a devastating victory over the Scottish team in the opening match of EURO 2024. Right in the stands, coach Julian Nagelsmann’s girlfriend “rewarded” him with a passionate kiss. The appearance of this girl made the media “stand still”.

Coach Nagelsmann kissed his girlfriend right on the stadium

The players of “Tank” do not have to be jealous of their teacher. Because right on the opening night of EURO 2024, they also got a worthy reward for themselves.

Western media revealed that this team uses “doping” doses named after WAGs. The entire team was “released from camp”, the girlfriends and wives of the players took turns returning to the German team headquarters on the night of June 15.

Kimmich’s wife Lina and her eldest son sat in the stands

The German team was supported by WAG in the stands

The person who gave the German players the “green light” was none other than coach Julian Nagelsmann.

A bus was dispatched to transport the “sisterhood” of girlfriends and wives of German football players, including, of course, Nagelsmann’s girlfriend. They arrived at the team headquarters in the middle of the night and stayed for nearly 2 days.

The bus carrying relatives of the German national team arrived at the headquarters at 2:30 p.m

The wife of midfielder Andrich drove more than 180km by herself to meet her husband

In some pictures taken by reporters outside, Robert Andrich’s wife drove her car 180km from her home in Leverkusen to come here to meet her husband. Joshua Kimmich’s wife also drove her own car.

Lea Prinz, beautiful girlfriend of defender Maximilian Mittelstadt

Among the WAGs coming to the German team’s headquarters, there are many notable names, such as Lea Prinz (Maximilian Mittelstadt’s girlfriend), Aaliyah (Florian Wirtz’s girlfriend), Sophia Weber (Kai Havertz’s girlfriend), Lisa (Niclas Fullkrug’s wife).

Sophia Weber, Kai Harvertz’s girlfriend, also appeared

With the “reunion” of WAGs, Herzogenaurach headquarters is more vibrant than ever. Some German players admitted that this was an effective “doping dose” for them to enter the tough tournament.

This wonderful gift hopes to help Nagelsmann and his team “make it big” at EURO 2024 this year.

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