SH0CK: “Euro champion” Italy lost power before EURO 2024, will they protect their king…

According to Football Italia, veteran midfielder Francesco Acerbi missed EURO 2024 due to injury.

Unhappy news came to the Italian team before the EURO 2024 finals. Specifically, veteran midfielder Francesco Acerbi was removed from the list for the upcoming tournament due to injury.

The 36-year-old veteran will go on the operating table to treat a persistent groin injury. This is clearly a significant loss to coach Luciano Spalletti’s preparation plan.

Previously, Italy did not have the services of midfielder Sandro Tonali. The former AC Milan star is serving a suspension after being involved in illegal soccer betting activities.

Acerbi missed the appointment with EURO 2024.

Besides Tonali, star Domenico Berardi cannot attend EURO 2024 due to a ruptured Achilles tendon. The captain of Sassuolo Club can only return to the field in 2025.

Similar is the case of Destiny Udogie. The Tottenham Hotspur full-back was removed from the Italian squad list after muscle surgery in his left leg.

Another face who missed out on EURO 2024 is Nicolo Zaniolo. Zaniolo broke a bone in his foot while playing for Aston Villa, thereby missing the Italian national team.

The Euro 2024 draw has set the stage for some intriguing football with Group B particularly catching the eye as a potential ‘group of death’. Featuring Spain, Croatia, Italy, and Albania, the discussions and analyses are already heating up about the prospects of each team.

Group B Overview:

**Spain:** Historically a dominant force in international football, Spain has been experiencing a generational shift. The loss of Gabi due to a season-ending knee injury is a significant blow, given his creative prowess.

Spain’s success may hinge on how well they can adapt to this loss and whether players like Rodri and Morata can step up. Their matches against Croatia and Italy will be crucial and are likely to set the tone for their campaign.

**Croatia:** With a midfield still potentially led by the veteran Luka Modric, despite his reduced playing time this season, Croatia remains a formidable team.

Their ability to control games through midfield will be critical, especially in their opening match against Spain. The performance of their midfield trio, including Kovacic and Brozovic, will be pivotal in their quest to dominate possession and dictate the pace of their games.

**Italy:** The defending champions from Euro 2020, Italy, come into the tournament with a mix of youth and experience. Under the leadership of Spalletti, Italy will look to blend their traditional defensive solidity with attacking flair.

The presence of players like Chiesa and Jorginho provides a good balance. Italy’s campaign will likely depend on how effectively they can utilize their strengths against high-caliber teams like Spain and Croatia.

**Albania:** The underdogs in this group, Albania will face a tough challenge against more seasoned European teams. Their strategy will likely focus on defensive resilience and exploiting any counterattacking opportunities. Success for Albania would mean taking points off any of the group favorites, which could be pivotal in a tightly contested group.

Key Matches and Predictions:

– **Spain vs. Croatia**: This opening match for both teams will be critical. Spain’s possession-based game will clash with Croatia’s midfield control, making it a tactical battle that may not see many goals but will be intense and possibly decisive for the group’s outcome.

– **Italy vs. Spain**: This match could very well determine the top spot in Group B. Italy’s balanced approach will test Spain’s ability to break down well-organized defenses, especially without Gabi’s creativity in the midfield.

– **Croatia vs. Italy**: Another high-stakes match that will likely feature a midfield battle. Both teams have strong central areas, and the ability to control the game in this zone will be crucial.

Implications for the Tournament:

Group B is set to be one of the most competitive and closely watched groups in Euro 2024. Each team has significant strengths and notable weaknesses, making the outcomes difficult to predict.

The performance in this group could set the tone for the rest of the tournament, as it features teams capable of going deep into the later stages.

This group not only promises high-quality football but also intense strategic battles, making it a must-watch for any football fan. The dynamics within the group could also influence how the teams approach their matches, with the potential for more conservative strategies in an effort to secure points.

Overall, Group B encapsulates the excitement and unpredictability of tournament football, where historical giants of the game face off, and an underdog seeks to upset the established hierarchy.

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