Neymar Slashes Teammates Car Tires After Shoe Prank, Caught On Video!

PSA, prank Neymar at your own risk!

The soccer superstar literally slashed the tires of his teammate’s car … all after a harmless little prank.

Here’s the deal … Al-Hilal’s left-back Renan Lodi was in good spirits after the team was named the Saudi Professional League champion this week, so he decided to have a little fun at Neymar’s (he’s recovering from an injury) expense.


On Wednesday, Lodi got a hold of Neymar’s shoes and tied them together at the Al-Hilal training facility … likely never thinking revenge would be so swift and severe — and costly!

Cue video of Neymar — the highest-scoring Brazilian player in Champions League history — stabbing Lodi’s car tires in the parking lot.


All Lodi could do was watch from afar (probably a smart move) … and share a photo after the fact when the tires were being changed (hopefully Neymar paid).

Oh, and Lodi plans to retaliate … ominously writing on IG, “Next season is long, I eagerly wait for your Rolls Royce!! 🖐️ 🖐️🔪💣”

Jokes aside, it’s time for the Al-Halil soccer team to get serious … as they face Cristiano Ronaldo and Al-Nassr for the King Cup of Champions Finals on Friday.

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