Mbappe did not have to have nose surgery

Striker Kylian Mbappe has been determined not to need nose surgery and will use a mask in upcoming matches at Euro 2024.

Kylian Mbappe is confirmed to not have a broken nose and will use a protective mask in the next matches at Euro 2024 – Photo: REUTERS ESPN

On the morning of June 18, in the 85th minute of France’s 1-0 win over Austria, Kylian Mbappe suffered a serious injury to his nose, bleeding profusely after a collision with Austrian midfielder Kevin Danso.

Mbappe then tried to play but lay down on the field several times , forcing the French team to make substitutions.

Immediately after the match, the number 1 striker of the French team was taken to the hospital in Dusseldorf for a thorough examination.

Contrary to initial worries that Mbappe had a broken nose, the French medical team confirmed that the 25-year-old striker “will be fine without surgery”. This is good news for Mbappe and French fans.

France’s No. 1 striker Mbappe has blood on his nose and is likely to use a mask

On personal page X, Mbappe happily posted the status line: “The idea is to use a mask.”

He has now prepared a custom mask for himself and will likely use it for upcoming matches at Euro 2024.

Previously, at the post-match press conference, coach Didier Deschamps said about the injury situation of the main striker of the French team:

“His nose looks very bad. We need to wait for the medical test results. This is very bad news for the team because there is clearly a difference when the French team has or does not have Mbappe . I hope he will be fine,” Deschamp said.

In France’s 1-0 win over Austria, Mbappe had a total of 3 successful dribbles and 4 shots but only one hit the target.

Close-up of the collision between Mbappe and midfielder Kevin Danso’s shoulder – Photo: AFP

Mbappe’s status line on social networks after being discharged from the hospital – Photo: Screenshot

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