FC 100: Ronaldo ranked where?! Overrated, underrated & snubs

FC 100: Ronaldo ranked where?! Overrated, underrated & snubs

The recent release of the ESPN FC 100 rankings has stirred quite a debate among soccer fans and analysts alike. Cristiano Ronaldo, the renowned forward for Al Nassr, was ranked as the 15th best forward globally, a position that has not only surprised but also sparked contention among the sports community.

Today, I’ll delve into a deeper analysis of the rankings, examining potential overrated and underrated players, as well as notable snubs.

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room: Cristiano Ronaldo’s ranking. Placing Ronaldo at No. 15 has raised eyebrows, considering his illustrious career and his consistent performance. Even at his current stage, Ronaldo is known for his exceptional goal-scoring ability and his impact on the field, which arguably warrants a higher ranking.

This placement could reflect a possible underestimation of his contributions to the team, especially in critical moments, or perhaps it signals a perceived decline in his overall impact compared to younger forwards in the game.

FC 100: Ronaldo ranked where?! Overrated, underrated & snubs - ESPN

Al Nassr forward Cristiano Ronaldo’s ranking at No. 15 among all forwards on the FC 100 may be a surprise to some. Yasser Bakhsh/Getty Images

Moving on, the question arises: who might be ranked too high? While it’s contentious to single out players without a detailed look at specific metrics and recent performances, there are always a few names that seem to benefit from their reputation rather than their current form on the field. This phenomenon isn’t new in sports rankings and often leads to heated debates among fans and pundits.

On the flip side, there are players who seem snubbed by not being included higher up the list or at all. These players often showcase consistent performances and play crucial roles for their clubs but may lack the high profile of their counterparts. Their omission or low ranking could be due to less media coverage or playing in less popular leagues, highlighting a bias that tends to favor players from more prestigious clubs or leagues.

Furthermore, some players might be seen as too low on the list, similar to the case with Ronaldo. These are players who, despite outstanding performances and valuable contributions to their teams, find themselves in positions that do not reflect their true value. This could be due to a variety of factors, including team dynamics, the player’s role within their squad, or even off-field issues affecting public perception.

Lastly, there are those who might not belong on the list at all – players who perhaps had a single good season or who have been riding on past glories. This inclusion often comes at the expense of emerging talents who might be more deserving based on current form and potential.

In conclusion, while the FC 100 rankings attempt to consolidate opinions to rank the top players across the globe, they inevitably reflect subjective biases and can differ significantly from individual assessments.

Ronaldo’s ranking at No. 15 is a prime example of the contentious nature of such lists. As we debate these rankings, it’s important to remember that they are not definitive but rather a snapshot of opinions at a particular time. This analysis not only enriches our understanding of the sport but also ignites passion and discussion among its followers.

OVERRATED: Cristiano Ronaldo, forward

I almost fainted when I saw Ronaldo’s name on this list. And then I almost fainted again when I saw where Ronaldo’s name landed on this list, at No. 15 among all forwards.

Congrats to him on breaking the goals record in the Saudi Pro League. But guess what also happened in the Saudi league: Ronaldo’s team didn’t win the league. And guess what happened the year before that in the Saudi league: Ronaldo’s team didn’t win the league.

It’s the same story we’ve been telling for the past few seasons: Ronaldo is, incredibly, still capable of constantly getting into goal-scoring positions to score a ton of goals, but he doesn’t move when his team loses possession, he doesn’t provide much value elsewhere in buildup play, and he doesn’t have the pace to stretch opposition defenses and create space for his teammates.

On top of that, he’s still Cristiano Ronaldo, so his presence basically demands that he plays all the time. It all adds up to Ronaldo still scoring lots of goals but his teams not getting better — or, frequently, getting worse.

Did we all collectively memory-hole late 2022, when Ronaldo got benched by both Manchester United and Portugal? When Man United immediately shot up the table without Ronaldo and his replacement at the World Cup scored a hat trick?

Outside of maybe Sporting Lisbon, for sentimental reasons, I don’t think any other team would swap any of their players on this list in exchange for Ronaldo. That’s not backed by any reporting — it’s backed by the fact that he’s currently playing professional soccer in Saudi Arabia.

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