EURO 2024 SMALL LOCKDOWN: De Bruyne’s wife is carefree, “loose”, wears dresses that see through the sunlight

Michele Lacroix’s recent image makes netizens “sit still”. Many comments praised the desirable figure of Kevin De Bruyne’s wife.

EURO 2024 SMALL COURSE: De Bruyne's wife lets loose her 'fairy' charm, wears a hot see-through dress

Recently, Michele Lacroix attracted attention when showing off sexy images on her personal Instagram page.

Kevin De Bruyne’s wife confidently wore a see-through black dress that reached her heels and hugged her body. What’s more special is that her bust is free and she doesn’t use a bra.


Michele Lacroix’s sexy couple caught the attention of netizens. The see-through dress also clearly revealed the slender waist of the mother of 3 children.

The WAG is not the hottest physique at EURO 2024, but De Bruyne’s wife still makes an impression thanks to her healthy but no less attractive appearance.

A series of comments praised Michele Lacroix’s beauty and figure. Coach Pep Guardiola’s daughter – Maria Guardiola also expressed her admiration for the WAG with a series of heart-shaped icons.


On her personal page, Michele often shows off such hot, sexy photos. She also did not hesitate to express her support for her husband.

Fans believe that Michele and her three children are a significant source of strength, fueling De Bruyne to enter the upcoming EURO 2024.


This weekend, EURO 2024 will officially take place. This could be the last chance for Kevin De Bruyne to prove himself and win a national team title with Belgium.

At the age of 32, this midfielder is still a key factor for the Belgian team, despite the fact that he has recently faced a series of injuries in the Man City shirt.

Not only is Kevin De Bruyne’s brilliant career in football shorts, he is also admired for having a happy marriage.

He and Michele have been together for 10 years, have 3 lovely children and have never been rumored to have broken up.


Michele is considered a perfect woman in both beauty and education. De Bruyne’s wife graduated from Hasselt University in Belgium and is quite famous in the Belgian modeling industry.

However, after marrying the world’s top midfielder in 2019, Michele decided to step back and take care of her family.

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