Cristiano Ronaldo Admits Time Doesn’t Forgive: ‘My Legs No Longer Allow Me to Run After the Ball

Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the greatest soccer players of all time, has deeply moved fans with his recent statement about the change in his physical abilities. In a sincere statement, the Portuguese superstar admitted that time spares no one, even the best people on the field.

Ronaldo said: “Don’t give me long passes anymore. I’m almost 40 years old, I really want to run after the ball but my legs don’t allow me to do that right now.”

These words not only demonstrate honesty but also reflect humility and acceptance of the fact that time and age have begun to take their toll on the body of a player once famous for his strength and power. extraordinary speed.

Ronaldo’s statement sparked a wave of sympathy from fans, as they realized that even legends have to face the inevitable limits of old age. At the same time, it also suggests that the day he leaves the field may not be far away, making many fans feel sad.

 Ronaldo nói về tương lai của mình sẽ không còn dài khi anh bước vào hàng lão tướng từ lâu. Ảnh: GETTY.

With a top-notch career that has spanned many years, Ronaldo has become an icon not only because of his talent on the field but also because of his motivation, desire and love for the game.

His words serve as a reminder that, no matter how successful, every athlete will come to a time when they must face new challenges for their body and find ways to adapt and transform to continue pursuing their passion. themselves in new situations.

A Legend Not Just Because of Talent

Cristiano Ronaldo is not just an excellent football player; He is also the embodiment of tireless effort, fighting spirit and intense passion for the king sport.

Since he was a boy in Madeira, Portugal, Ronaldo has shown his natural talent and determination to pursue his dreams.

His years playing at Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus and back at Manchester United have proven that he is one of the greatest players football has ever produced.

Ronaldo not only conquered fans with beautiful goals or skillful techniques, but also with his will and spirit of never giving up.

He has overcome many challenges, from serious injuries to the pressure of fame and huge expectations from fans and experts. But now, when faced with the limits of age, Ronaldo once again proves his courage and honesty.

Acceptance and Adaptation

Ronaldo’s confession is not only an expression of honesty but also a sign of acceptance and adaptation. For a player who has conquered every peak, admitting that he is no longer at his peak is not easy.

However, Ronaldo has proven that greatness lies not only in what he does on the field but also in how he faces changes and challenges in life.

 Siêu sao Bồ Đào Nha 39 tuổi vẫn chạy tốt. Ảnh: GETTY.

This acceptance also opened a new chapter in Ronaldo’s career. Instead of relying on speed and strength as before, he can look for new ways to contribute to the team, using his experience and football intelligence to lead and inspire his teammates. younger team.

This transition could help Ronaldo maintain his influence and importance on the field, even at the end of his career.


Cristiano Ronaldo was, is and will always be an icon in world football. The achievements he achieved are not only thanks to his natural talent but also his determination, constant effort and strong fighting spirit. Ronaldo’s confession about the change in his physical abilities is a clear testament to Ronaldo’s humility and honesty.

Fans around the world may feel sad at the prospect of Ronaldo leaving the field, but they can also find comfort in knowing that he has dedicated himself to the sport he loves. .

And even if that day comes, Ronaldo’s legacy will always live on, not only through the goals and titles he won, but also through the spirit and love of football that he inspired in millions. people around the world.

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