Crayola is looking to find a Temple student behind the portrait of a TV star

According to Crayola, a “Rachel” from Temple made the portrait in 2000 at Kennedy Powell Elementary, and they are looking to return her artwork.

Crayola is looking to find a Temple student that created a portrait of a TV star

What would you do if your artwork from over 20 years ago was looking to be returned to you by none other than the Crayola company?

That’s the case for a “Rachel” that attended Kennedy Powell Elementary School in Temple 24 years ago and made a portrait of Nicole Kidman, an American and Australian actress and producer that has gotten many hours of screentime over the years in various movies and TV shows both in the U.S. and in Australia.

Some in the comments of the post have even tagged Kidman, amazed at the work of a fifth grader.

“I want to find them too and see if they are still doing art because this is so good, especially for someone in elementary school!” one person commented.

There have even been a few commenters that have said they previously taught at the school and are trying to reach out to the original creator.

Crayola says they wish to return the over 20-year-old piece of art to “Rachel” to remind adults about “the importance of nurturing creativity” by reuniting them with some of their childhood art pieces.

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