Coach Ronald Koeman of the Dutch team caused an internet storm because of his unsanitary actions at EURO 2024

Netherlands coach Ronald Koeman caused a storm on the internet because of his “unhygienic” actions, picking his nose and then eating his own snot.

Coach Ronald Koeman caused an internet storm when he ate his own nose in photo 1

Coach Koeman caused a fever because of his strange actions

Yesterday, the Netherlands came back to defeat Poland 2-1 in their opening match at EURO 2024. Oranje’s hero was tall striker Wout Weghorst with a beautiful goal in the 82nd minute.

Wout Weghorst proved that he is “super sub” when he only needs 2 minutes on the field to score a goal.

However, Wout Weghorst as well as the Netherlands’ performance were overshadowed by coach Ronald Koeman ‘s ” unhygienic” actions.

Hành động mất vệ sinh HLV Ronald Koeman

During the tense match, the former Barcelona coach inexplicably picked his nose and ate it himself.

Coach Koeman’s actions were seamless and he had absolutely no reaction when eating his nose. This 61-year-old coach even looked back and blew his nose before bringing it to his mouth.

After that, he continued to rub his hands and stood up to direct the Dutch players as if nothing had happened.

Coach Koeman’s “unhygienic” image was accidentally recorded by the camera lens and quickly caused an “internet storm”.

Most fans found it funny because of the way Koeman blew his own nose like it was a normal thing, while some found it difficult to understand why this strategist could do so.

In fact, Koeman is not the first famous coach to eat his own nose.

Former “captain” of the German team, Joachim Low, had similar actions, even more unhygienic, and became a long-term ridiculed image on social networks.

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