Moving to Real Madrid, Mbappe was compared to the nail in the coffin

Last week, Kylian Mappé officially left PSG to join Real Madrid on a transfer. This is a service that was expected to happen many seasons ago.

Mpbappe’s transfer to play at the Santiago Bernabeu will help Real significantly increase its strength, especially in the context that one of their legends – Toni Kroos will officially retire after the end of Euro 2024 with the team. Virtue. However, not everyone is happy with the news that the 25-year-old striker is going to Spain to play football, and one of them is Max Eberl – sports director of Bayern Munich.

Specifically, he said: “You can always become a member of the money-grubbing people, but all the money-grubbing people will gradually become the diagram in the coffin of football. If you run out of money, at some point There will be nothing left for us to do business with. We are talking about hundreds of millions. That number is too much and at some point you feel that it will explode at some point Draw and Saudi Arabia will appear. That doesn’t look good in the market right now. No club is benefiting from that.”

Obviously, what Eberl said is not unfounded. Mbappé moved to Real Madrid to play, in addition to pursuing the Champions League season, also to receive some money. Although the 25-year-old star accepted a lower salary than when he was at PSG, the bonus that Real promised to pay him made up for it all.

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