Shakira was sold an extremely hot s3x tape by her ex-employee

Two former employees of the Hips Don’t Lie singer were accused of providing the Spanish tabloid with an extremely hot sex clip of Shakira.
According to Colombia Reports , the tape recorded the bed scene of Shakira and her boyfriend, FC Barcelona football player Gerard Pique, on a yacht.

Spain ‘s Interviu magazine released a statement claiming that the video clip is in the hands of a man and a woman who are former employees of the singer, who have accused Shakira of unfair dismissal.

The couple contacted a manager in Barcelona and discussed selling the tape.

“The video lasts about 15 minutes. I guess it was recorded from a mobile phone by a third person in the yacht’s cockpit. Shakira, in a bikini, goes into the cabin and swoops in on Pique… ” the manager said on Colombia Reports .

Shakira and her boyfriend Pique – Photo: Reuters

Also according to the Gaur press, this sex tape was successfully negotiated, reportedly worth up to 310,000 USD, equivalent to more than 400 million VND for every minute of Shakira’s time.

However, this boss also expressed doubts about the authenticity of the tape: “In the tape there is a scene of a woman who looks like Shakira having oral sex. It is difficult to see the girl’s face clearly. Cannot be classified.” except it’s edited.”

Shakira bị nhân viên cũ rao bán băng sex?

Two of Shakira’s former employees, who worked for her for 11 years, said they were fired for refusing to cook a nightly meal at her sudden request. They did not sign a dismissal contract and said the dismissal was illegal and unfair.

Shakira’s lawyers condemned all the accusations made by former employees, but did not comment on the sale of the sex clip mentioned above.

This is not the first time Shakira has been involved in rumors of sex clips being leaked. In 2008, netizens were buzzing about a threesome sex tape between Alejandro Sanz, Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, but to this day it remains a mystery, because all the evidence is currently in court. .

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